Where did the Summer Go?!

Hello! So, we’re coming into the Autumn again and I’ve started taking gigs for next year now so I need to crack on with that!

I am still learning the new songs I bought a while ago, next to add to the set will be Pretty Woman (Roy Orbison), Let’s Twist Again (Chubby Checker!), Jimmy Mack (Martha Reeves) and Don’t Turn Around (Aswad) – it never ends and I’m not even sure my brain can take many more lyrics!!

Anyway, let’s talk about this summer’s gigs from July to August:

I did three gigs for The New Wilmington in Eastbourne for July and two for August and they were hot gigs (literally!) Lots of lovely people watched and enjoyed the songs and the quiz I do for them (thank goodness for Google haha!) I am getting so many more comments about how I must sing on the stage or be into theatre that it’s making me think I should go for a bit of Am Dram! I must be getting more dramatic when I perform, especially when I’m singing Evita and those big numbers that I tend to do at the hotel… I love singing all types of music and it’s so nice to be given the opportunity to sing show tunes sometimes!

So on July 6th I played at a friend’s 50th outside at Lakeside Cafe in Horam which was a great gig and a lovely hot evening! My friend chose all the songs she wanted and had a fab night – as did the regular punters I reckon!

July 7th I returned to Tunbridge Wells Constitutional Club which was a really nice gig as always, I let them choose the songs they wanted me to sing and there was lots of dancing as they do everytime!

The 14th July I was at The Castle in Pevensey and it was a great gig as there was a Hen party and the girls really had a lot of fun (see Facebook vid and pic of me and the bride!)

The British Queen on 21st July was an excellent gig as there was a 60th party and a couple had just got married too! There was lots and fun had by everyone and a lot of dancing as well!

The Eastbourne WMC on 28th July was quiet at first but then ended up busy! They asked for a lot of slower songs and so I gave them: Brown Eyes Blue, Crazy and Need You Now. They also at the end loved Status Quo and Livin on a Prayer! The new £800 stage curtain behind me was excellent! 😉

I had two gigs in August for the Lakeside Cafe in Horam and the one on August 5th was outside as it was a gorgeous evening (see pics on Facebook!) Lots of fun had by everyone and I especially had fun singing whilst holding hands with the kids that were there and going down the slide with them – still singing!! I’m a big kid at heart!!

I had a last minute gig come in for a private event at The Burlington Hotel in Worthing on Thursday 9th August. The evening went really well! Even the Town Cryer joined in with me and was singing and dancing with me for about six songs! The Mayor arrived and seemed very happy to be there too! Lovely people and a nice hotel 🙂

I had The Southborough Club on 11th August and lovely people came to see me as usual. I asked people for their song choices again and they chose Mickey by Toni Basil and Marry You – Bruno Mars, Alison Moyet and Rockin all over the World of course! A great personal gig actually and people came to see me especially which is so nice.

The Angling Association on August 18th started off v quiet but luckily got busier! People danced and asked for so many songs in the second half that I didn’t have the time to do them all! Someone asked for Don’t Cry for me Argentina which I did and afterwards the man came up and said that I sung it better than Julie Covington who sung it to 4,000 people at the Royal Albert Hall!! – Wow!!! If only I could sing there….what a dream!!

I had a busy w/c: 20/08 – I had a private event on the Tuesday that went really well as always and then on Friday 24th I was in St Leonards at The Hollington Oak again and had a great crowd, people came out to see me too which is so great and I did loads of requests!

On the Sunday I was back at Lakeside Cafe in Horam but as the weather wasn’t nice (it was pouring hard!!) I was inside which, actually, was so nice and intimate and the customers there were really nice as always! It was good fun for a rainy Sunday evening!

So, that’s July and August in the bag! Lots of fun had by a lot of peeps and so I hope it will carry on for September and October too!

If you know of anyone who needs a female singer to provide entertainment in the South East then let them know about me! I can squeeze into any corner or alternatively make use of a great stage! Weddings, parties, any celebration I am perfect for all occasions and age groups!

Thanks for reading and see you on the road soon hopefully 🙂 xxxxxxxxx