Sept/Oct/ Gigs!

I know it’s been too long again!  Three times a week I was told to write a blog – it’s hard is all I can say!  I’ve been sooooo busy which is great of course but it means I’m not quite up to date with doing this – I’m sure you can forgive me!

So, September – The Southborough WMC and The Eastbourne WMC, a private party at Tunbridge Wells Con Club, my regular hotel in Eastbourne and even a primary school in the outbacks of Heathfield!  Yes, I performed in the playground for St Richards and All Saint’s School in Old Heathfield for their 150yr celebration fete and it was a beautiful place to sing too with rolling hills in the distance – I felt like singing Julie Andrews’ The Hills Are Alive!  

October brought The Fishermans Club in Eastbourne on firework night.  These gigs are always rather eventful, this time I thought I’d left my gorgeous suede boots there, only to find them in my wardrobe the next day (after getting all the cleaning staff and bar staff hunting the Club high and low for them – sorry about that!)

The Castle in Pevensey was a great gig as always and Happy Jacks Bar at Eastbourne Football Club was interesting (too embarrassed to say!)  But a great gig and I’m booked back for 2016.

The British Queen in Willingdon was a fun gig for two retired Police Officers, in fact it was a brilliant gig for everyone  (once I got in the door as it was packed!)

And then another private party in Tonbridge on Halloween where I wore a Batgirl-type mask and cape the whole night!  It was a first for me to sing an entire gig wearing a mask and it was slightly challenging but it was possible! The birthday girl wanted good old fashioned rock music so I re-learnt Slade’s Come On Feel The Noise for her which was good to bring out of the dusty cupboard!

And here we are in November and this girl singer is realising how three gigs a week can be pretty tiring!  It’s Turkey and Tinsel time at my hotel in Eastbourne and I’m doing all the New Years Eve’s (and the actual real one too!)  So it’s party night twice a week for me now and also I have my normal weekend gigs too so it really is all go.  Plus I’m learning Perfect Day, Lou Reed and Louis Armstrong’s What A Wonderful World for a wedding I’m doing next month.  Other songs that I’ve learnt for the hotel include Sandie Shaw (no I don’t take off my shoes!) Tammy Wynette and Hi Ho Silver Lining amongst a few.  I’m also keeping the pop/rock stuff going and am learning Prince’s Kiss and Guns and Roses Sweet Child of Mine at the moment!

I was asked last night if I was classically trained as I have the ideal voice for it – now there’s a first!  It’s probably because now I’m singing some carols (Turkey and Tinsel time don’t forget!) they’re all so high so I think a bit of Katherine Jenkins pops in from time to time!  Nice compliment though considering I’m learning Guns and Roses at the moment!

So, for this girl vocalist live music is buzzing!  I hope it’s something more people will get out in the cold for as us female singers need the company!

Thanks for your time and speak again soon (hopefully!) with the Nov/Dec update!