October-December Gigs

Happy New Year!
It’s all over so quick!
October was the start of my busy period and kicked off with RBL Polegate (nice local one for me!) What is it with Sweet Caroline?! Lay Down Sally, Tragedy and Delilah were all top tracks for the lovely folk if I remember correctly!

Hotel work at The New Wilmington was still going strong and I introduced some oldies for them such as Rocking All Over The World, Eight Days A Week, Dream Lover and Going to the Chapel 🙂

Eastbourne Working Mens Club on Oct 8th was quiet so I did a personal set for the people that were there and they loved it! Not often the crowd can choose their songs they want that week’s act to play!

I performed at a house party for a local man’s 50th birthday on the 15th, his wife put a lovely review on my Facebook site as it was a really great evening 🙂

Happy Jacks Bar at Eastbourne Borough FC was a goodie again – especially at the end!

The Treacle Mine at Polegate was another quiet one but we did a good one for them and as I’ve said before – the staff have a great time listening too!

The Eastbourne TUC gig at the end of October I had to cancel due to a chest infection, these things happen, but Angela was very good about it.

The Angling Association gig on Nov 5th was good fun! People danced and came out to see me especially which is so nice!

I started working on recording some tracks for people who’d asked me to sing a couple of songs for Xmas presents, love doing this work as it’s so rewarding! Lovely review again on Facebook from one of them.


November started to get really busy and was full of gigs! I sang at a new Hotel in Eastbourne called the York House Hotel on the 15th, it was their Turkey and Tinsel time too so we did lots of Xmas songs and party songs, they loved to dance and were dancing most of the night and every one of them kissed me goodbye at the end of the evening (very sweet!)

Four gigs on the third week in and The British Queen was a good one as usual, it was pretty busy and they loved Bon Jovi at the end!

Southborough Club on the 26th I was put on the stage in the big hall at the back – and the crowd stayed in the bar area (tutt!) They’re having me in the bar next time I can tell ya!!

Tunbridge Wells Constitutional Club on Dec 10th was a good gig – lots of dancing and fun was had by all!

I made an impromptu appearance on Sharp Radio one evening, there was quite a lot of chuckling (and even some Christmas Cava!) We chatted about music, The River Swans amongst others, and played some tunes and stuff – fun!

The Pensioners Christmas Luncheon at The Rusthall Club on the 14th went really well, they were all singing along and it really got the Christmas spirit up!

The Hailsham Club had me singing on Xmas Eve and what a good night it was – they loved to dance, especially to Status Quo and Whitney and I dressed in my usual Santa girl outfit!

And then on New Years Eve I was at The New Wilmington Hotel where we all saw the new year in with a bang! Lots of merriness and dancing and good times were had by all!

Three hours singing on New Years Eve and so after such a busy period I deserve a bit of time to relax the voice – In fact, a quick trip in a couple of weeks to LA and Vegas (Celine Dion is booked of course!) is just what’s required 😉

See ya’ll soon! Don’t forget, if you need a wedding or party singer I’m your gal!

x x x