Nov/Dec and a Happy New Year!

24 gigs in November & December has taken it’s toll and so I’m writing this from my sickbed!  Worst of all I have had to cancel my gig this weekend at The Telscombe Tavern in Peacehaven 🙁 Doc has told me to rest my voice for at least another ten days.  I am not going to moan, instead I’m going to tell you what a brilliant last couple of months I had of 2015!

November 6th was a brilliant 40th birthday party for Jason!  It was at The Office Bar in Seaford which is such a delightful place!  It’s really quirky and I was squashed in the corner with Frank Sinatra amongst other oddball antiquities (and I fitted in just fine!) Jason and his lovely Mum had a dance to Angels (Robbie Williams) and a good fun night was had by all!

The Beau Nash on the 7th was interesting as I split my leather trousers – not embarrassing at all!!! But it was an awesome gig as always there because the punters are just so coooooool!

10th was a gig for the Oddfellows Society in Crowborough, what a lovely bunch of people they are and they were really respectful of the show I gave them.  I am back with them again this year which I’m looking forward to.

Tunbridge Wells Constitutional Club’s gig on the 14th was great, they loved it and danced all night long!

And of course at The New Wilmington in Eastbourne, Turkey and Tinsel had begun and so I was starting to learn Old Lang Syne!  Four gigs in six days that week!

On the 20th I sang at a house party which was great fun and the lovely lady whose birthday it was said it was the best birthday she’d had!! See? You can have me anywhere you like for your private party!!

The Southborough Club on 28th was a lovely gig too, they so appreciated my two new songs: Perfect Day by Lou Read and What A Wonderful World by Louis Armstrong.

The White Hart in Horsebridge was also a fabbo gig on Dec 5th – they are soooooo nice up there and people came especially to see me 🙂

December 19th I sung at a beautiful wedding and what a lovely couple they were, they gave me such a good review on my Facebook page.  It was a memorable one.

And so I made it to Xmas Eve at The British Queen!  Loads of people came especially to see me which was very humbling and we all had a brilliant Christmassy night!

Finally, New Years Eve at The New Wilmington was a fantastic gig.  They were so sweet letting my family come with me, even gave the kids their own room (which they didn’t trash thank goodness!)  Lovely to see lots of different age groups dancing all night long, and I mean all night – I sang for three hours!!  Hence why now I am under the doctor’s orders to not speak and rest my voice for at least ten days.

I look forward to seeing happy dancing people in 2016!  New songs to learn, new venues to see…

Don’t forget – if you are looking for a wedding singer in East Sussex, or you are having a party and want a great girl vocalist and want to create a party atmosphere, just contact me.

Even if you want entertainment at a funeral, I can do it.  I have over 200 songs now and can supply entertainment for any event.

Many thanks for you continued support!

x x x x x x x x x x