My music for November – December 2017

Hey and Happy New Year!

What a busy couple of months I had at the end of last year! Turkey and Tinsel began at the hotels and so it was full-on with the Christmas spirit and the Christmas songs (although I was doing mostly the New Years Eves!) . I know it sounds strange but that’s what happens at these hotels, guests pay to arrive at the hotel on Xmas Eve and stay until New Years Day – all pretend but great fun!! I have some great Xmas songs such as Rockin Around the Christmas Tree, Silver Bells, I Wish It Could Be Christmas Everyday and I also do some carols if we’re all in the mood! Can’t beat a bit of Rudolph and Jingle Bells to liven up a gig!!

There was an Armistice Day gig for me to do at The Royal British Legion in Polegate in the evening of the 11th which was lovely with lots of dancing and lots of poppies everywhere and I aptly finished with Vera Lynn of course!

Lots of dancing and fun was to be had at Southborough WMC on 18th November! If you see my Fbook site for that date you’ll see Rockin All Over the World dancing at it’s best 😉

November 25th was posh frock time at The Tunbridge Wells Constitutional Club! There was lots of dancing and people came to see from other Clubs (how nice!) . There was no room on the dancefloor for All Night Long and I finished with Hi Ho Silver Lining!

I had a lovely mid-week Christmas Day (pretend lol!) at The York House Hotel in Eastbourne on the 28th! A lovely bunch of people sporting excellent Xmas jumpers and we all enjoyed the night 🙂

If you pop to my Fb site again you will find I grabbed the bagpiper from The New Wilmington Hotel in Eastbourne for a quick photo moment (it being NYE of course!) .

I was well into getting my 2018 diary booked up and was happy to have found the RAFA Club in Eastbourne where they booked me to play in March this year 🙂

I had a not come across the U3A Clubs before but I was contacted by a lovely lady who asked me to perform for their Christmas gathering at Wadhurst and of course I couldn’t refuse a big stage! The gig was really good and everyone was so kind and enjoyed themselves immensely! They treated me so well and gave me my own dressing room, lighted mirror, drinks, homemade cake and even a miniature Christmas tree just for me!

I had a couple of weeks of purely Christmas and New Year gigs at the hotels then – I was getting all Bucks Fizzed-out haha!

The 23rd and 24th December were crazy Christmas parties as you can imagine! Xmas Eve at The British Queen was really good, I got involved and danced with the people (why not!) and before we knew it, it was over and midnight had struck and it was Christmas Day – the real one!!

And finally, New Years Eve with the same guests that have come along to the New Wilmington for the past few years was excellent again, better than the ones before and we all had so much fun! We all sang Auld Lang Syne as Big Ben struck midnight of course and then I collapsed!!!!

So, Happy New Year once again! I will be performing again this year (see gig guide). I am grateful to still be able to do what I love and I look forward to seeing you all having fun, dancing and singing with me – your favourite female singer in East Sussex 😉