March/April – Back to being a singer of Sussex!

I kicked March off with performing for the nice Seaford Golf Club, they were lovely as always and loved Tragedy by the Bee Gees (one of my new ones!) especially!

Then there was the new Rose and Crown in Tunbridge Wells, Grosvenor Road.  What a really nice job Daniel has done at refurbishing the place, it looks fab and you are greeted with a smile and good service.  And of course the entertainment on Sunday 13th was excellent 🙂  They really liked the heavier stuff like Oasis and Stereophonics but were happy with anything I seemed to throw at them! Daniel wants me back so watch this space!

The New Wilmington Hotel is my regular hotel that I love to sing at.  The lovely guests really enjoy me and love to listen, some shutting their eyes and drifting off in to happyland listening to my lullaby voice I guess!  I am so enjoying singing all the nostalgic songs such as Anyone Who Had a Heart, Sally, Don’t Cry For Me Argentina, Sailing etc.  They are such good songs that you really have to properly ‘sing’ with control – love it!!  And they’re always so respectful too which is so nice.  The compliments I receive are humbling such as when I sang Don’t Cry For Me Argentina on the 10th for the first time, a man came up to me and said it was the best song of the night!  And the same with Sally by Gracie Fields, two different ladies came up to me and said, for a début song, I sang it so well and they even said I sounded better than Gracie Fields – wow!

I loved singing at Langney Sports Club on the 13th March as they put me on the big stage in the main room as there wasn’t a function going on.  I much prefer a big stage to strut my stuff on!!  Full leather gear that night too if I remember rightly 😉

The Castle in Pevensey was as usual a good gig, a lovely crowd who really enjoyed getting down to Vogue with me if I remember rightly!!

The Rusthall Club was fun – how do 16yr old girls know such old songs and even ASK me to sing them for them?!  The classics are clearly the best still obviously!

Portslade British Legion was such a cute little place – it was like singing in someone’s living room with the biggest bar ever!!  They were very appreciative and we all had a good night!

The British Queen on April 16th was MAD!  Lots of people and a crazy setlist of really chonking songs like Whitney, Jessie J and Republica!  Lots of dancing and fun times!

And now I’ve just updated my songlist with a few more songs – I have so many now!!

It’s holiday time for me and my family this month so I’m off to get a suntan (hopefully!) and I will look forward to May and June with more great gigs and partying!



PS: When you Google ‘South East Female Singer’ or ‘East Sussex Wedding Singer’ or something similar I’m front page so I should be getting much more work than I do, so if you know of anyone who’s having a wedding/civil partnership/party for no reason – contact me!! Thank you! xx