Justine Clark

Justine decided at a very young age that music was going to be her great passion in life. She involved herself in various musical productions with theatre groups and started playing the piano, writing and recording in her teenage years.

From 1993, she progressed to singing lead vocals with many different bands, from covers to originals, singing great mainstream, commercial material. She sang on numerous sessions throughout the early 1990’s but wanted to create for herself a solid reputation as an artist in her own right. Bouncing back to her childhood, Justine started to write her own music on the piano, and with the help of her father, recorded many of these songs. Justine landed a great independant record deal with Plaza Records in 1995 and released two singles in the UK. The two songs had plenty of national radio airplay, but did not receive the commercail success that they deserved. The two songs did though however recieve massive acclaim in Europe where they both charted in Germany, Italy and Luxembourg.

Following this success, in 1997 Justine joined up-and-coming band The River Swans. The band landed a record deal themselves with independant label Biba Music, and enjoyed fairly good success recording a couple of albums, three singles and acheived national radio airplay. The constant performing and promotion took its toll on The River Swans who, after losing their recording contract, decided to ‘take some time off’ in the summer of 2004. The band still write and record under the name ‘Mia Brookes and the All Stars’, but public performances are rare. Justine has always said it’s not about the goal but about the journey and, although she admits major success would be great, she feels that for her it’s all about performing good songs to audiences who enjoy what she does, and so long as she can keep on doing that – she’s happy!


Justine’s vocal ability and stage presence has acquired a respected reputation amongst many musicians, producers, and promoters in the UK and Europe and when offered the chance to join The Easy Lover Band, she didn’t need much time to decide. She thought it was a fantastic opportunity, and was pleased to be involved with such a fine band. The Easy Lover Band have toured the UK throughout 2005 & 2006 and during that time Justine put together a set of solo material that she is performing at present.

She looks forward to seeing you out on the road somewhere soon

However, in 2012 and also now in 2013, Justine has been releasing her back catalogue via her publishing company, Visiontune Ltd. This agreement was welcomed by all concerned and, so far, the response has been fantastic. Her first single release – Just Wanna Dance – mixed by Pete Dineley, has had worldwide airplay and is available on iTunes, Amazon and all major download sites – link below :


On January 21st 2013, her second single re-release is a track penned by her great friend Alderman Huggins called – Outta Kontrol. This features a guest vocal by the notorious rapper MC DT of ‘ I’m Lovin’ It, Lovin’ It, Lovin’ It’ fame. Please download with the link to iTunes below :