January/February – Sleep Time!

So, what can I say about Jan/Feb really?  Other than I’ve been ill and rested – which is a good thing while I didn’t have a lot of work on!!

The Beau Nash on 9th Jan was great, even with a chest infection!  But, like I said on my FBook account, it gave me a chance to sing lots of slow songs I hadn’t sung in ages!  It was a great gig as usual in the end as I didn’t sing slow songs all night long!!

The gig I had booked the week after I had to cancel as I wasn’t able to work with the chest infection, first gig in well over a year I’d had to cancel though so wasn’t bad.  The Telscombe Tavern in Peacehaven will hopefully book me back soon!

Eastbourne WMC on 23rd Jan was really good even though there weren’t many in, in fact they were lucky as I let them choose the songs they wanted to hear so they got a personal gig all to themselves!!

I did consider doing some busking but changed my mind – too cold!!!

The Royal British Legion in Polegate on 13th Feb was lovely as usual, although I was still sporting a lovely cold and so tissues and a nice cough were on stage with me and we all had fun!!  Did some new songs: Cilla Black’s Anyone Who Had a Heart, Bee Gee’s Tragedy, Eric Clapton’s Lay Down Sally, Nancy Sinatra’s These Boots Are Made For Walking and I loved singing them all!!  Plus I had a new piece of kit on stage which was awesome (once we got the hang of how to work it!!)

So I’m still just rehearsing and getting more new venues and gigs, just got what sounds like is going to be a great new pub in T Wells so look out for me advertising my March gig there on a Sunday through Fbook and Twitter!

Don’t forget, if you want a versatile, talented self-contained singer then look no further!!  I do still have dates to fill and can provide entertainment for all occasions big or small.

Here’s to the Spring! xxxx