Happy New Year!!

Yo and Happy New Year!

What a great 2016 I had singing to lots of lovely people who were all so appreciative and kind and who just let their hair down and enjoyed the music – so let’s do it all again in 2017!!

My first gig of 2017 was at The Eastbourne WMC on the 14th and it was a good one from what I remember – much dancing on their dance floor was had I do believe!

Then there was Celine Dion in Vegas (our little treat away!) She was brilliant and that voice – wow!

I was back at The Beau Nash at the end of Jan and it was a really good one considering pubs are usually quiet, The BN and I rocked it! If you go to my Fbook page (justineclarkweddingsinger) you will see me singing a Bon Jovi track, totally jetlagged out still and totally mucking up the lyrics!! I figured I had a good excuse though! 😉

February started with party on the Saturday and a lunchtime gig (don’t do too many of those!) on the Sunday at a place I hadn’t played at for at least 12 years! (showing my age now!) The party was so nice, a lovely family had me (while they were eating at a posh hotel in Alfriston!) singing around their table and then we moved out the tables when they’d finished and partied on for the lady’s 50th birthday – everyone had a great time and it was a pleasure to perform for them! The Sunday lunchtime was for the New Beach Club in Pett and yes, I used to perform their sooooo long ago! The nice thing was that people who used to come and see me play back then – came along! It was great to see them (and remember them!) The afternoon was a blast and we’re just trying to get another booking or two for 2018 as they’re booked up this year can you believe it 🙁

On the Tuesday (which was Valentines Night) I performed for the Oddfellows Group at Crowborough Social Club. I had the usual crowd and they had a fab night! Lots of slow romantic songs (I could do a whole gig of slow romantic songs!) and all us ladies were even given a red rose each!

Happy Jacks Bar at Eastbourne Borough FC’s ground was another good one – they know how to enjoy themselves in that little bar!

I’ve got together a handful of new songs over the past few weeks which will be great for the hotel, some real classics. I’m going to be learning Bruno Mars’ Uptown Funk next (and will even be taught some funky dance moves my our daughter too – watch this space haha!) Also need to learn Shout by Lulu (need my good lungs for that one!) and a song from 1965 by The Animals!

So, overall a good start to the new year! Do keep following me on Facebook and coming along to my gigs. I’ve been asked many times to record some songs for people to buy and I am trying to find the time as it would be something I’d love to do so you never know…!

Lots more gigs to come and I’ve had a couple of wedding enquiries already so it’s all good!

If you want a party, whether it be a big event or a small party in your home, contact me as I am adaptable and just love getting people to enjoy music – I’m the quickest way to make yourself feel great!!

Speak again in a couple of months! xxxxxxxx