April powers!

Heya! So my April was really good fun!  My first gig at the Hurst Arms in Eastbourne was a great gig, such nice people (see vids and pics on my Facebook page!)  and they’re trying to get me back in there at some point this year if we can find the space in my diary!

My Eastbourne hotel midweek job at The New Wilmington at Eastbourne is coming along nicely and I now stay on til 10.30pm because I do a music quiz for them halfway through!  Ask me anything about music from the 30’s, 40’s and 50’s and I’ll know the answer haha!

The Castle in Pevensey Bay was on the 18th and as usual it was another great gig there too, always a good atmosphere and I got in some great rock and roll dancing with this gentleman in the bar which went down rather well, he was happy!  And the bar girls there just abandon their post and come and boogie too!

Private Party on the 24th was really good!  All 80’s music so it naturally rocked!  They all left smiling and happy!  I didn’t as I struggled with getting the gear up from the basement and wrecked my leather spandex!

The British Queen in Willingdon on 25th was fun as usual!  The bar guy said he’d only been there three months but I was the best he’d seen 🙂  I’m doing their charity event there on 16th May in the afternoon, just a quick half hour with my mate DJ Paul, have done it for the past few years now, let’s hope it’s a sunny day again like last year!

So a successful April will lead into a successful May no doubt!  Happy by Pharrell will be first aired tonight and I’ll be working on John Legend and others over the next couple of weeks.

Speak again at the end of the month!